625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke


Brooklyn Bridge

Dainty Pudding
Dark Cake
Delicate Cake
Delicate Fruit Cake
Delicate Pie
Delicious Cake
Delicious Lemon Jelly Cake
Dessert, A Delicate
Dessert, A Delicious
Deviled Ham
Diplomatic Pudding
Doughnuts, Connecticut
Doughnuts, Plain
Doughnuts, Risen (Very Nice)
Dressing for Cold Meats or Salads
Dressing for Turkey
Drop Cakes
Drop Cookies
Drops, Centennnial
Drops, Cocoanut
Dumplings, Apple
East India Pickle
Economy Cake
Egg Lemonade
Egg Pop-Overs
Egg Salad
Egg Sauce for Puddings
Eggs, Boiled
Eggs, Cream and extract of Beef
Eggs, Scrambled
Eggs, Stuffed
English Pudding
English Walnut Cream Cake
Escalloped Oysters
Escalloped Potatoes
Escallopped Fish
Escaloped Tomatoes
Estelle Pudding
Favorite Pudding
Fig Cake
Fish a la Bechemel
Fish Balls
Fish Chowder
Fish, Escalloped
Fish, Gravy for
Flaxseed Tea
Float, Apple
Floating Island
Flour Gruel
French Cake
French Loaf
French Loaf Cake
French Loaf Without Eggs
French Puffs
French Rolls
Fritters, Apple
Fritters, Corn
Frizzled Beef
Frosted Rice
Frosting, Boiled
Frosting, Nice, Without Eggs
Frozen Pudding
Fruit Cake
Gems, Sallie Lunn
Genoese Cream
Giblets of Fowls
Ginger Cookies
Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps (II)
Ginger Snaps (Without Shortening)
Gingerbread, Katie's Molasses
Gingerbread, Soft
Gingerbread, Soft Molasses
Good Pastry
Graham Bread
Graham Gems
Graham Muffins
Graham Pudding
Graham Rolls
Grandmother's Cake
Grape Catsup
Gravy for Boiled or Baked Fish
Gravy for Turkey
Green Tomato Pickle
Gruel, Flour
Ham and Egg on Toast
Ham Salad
Ham, Deviled
Hard Sauce
Harrison Cake
Hartford Election Cake
Henriettas for Tea
Hermit Cake
Hickory Nut Cake
High Pudding
High-Bush Blackberry Cordial
Hodge Podge
Hop Beer
Huckleberries, Spiced
Huckleberry Cake
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Cake
Ice Water Sponge Cake
Ice, Orange
Ice-Cream Candy
Indian Pudding
Jam, Pine Apple
Jelly Custard
Jelly Water
Jelly, Bread
Jelly, Cider
Jelly, Coffee
Jelly, Crab Apple
Jelly, Currant
Jelly, Lemon
Jelly, Orange
Jelly, Robbon
Jelly, Wine
Jelly, Wine (II)
Jenny Lind Cake
Johnny Cake
Julienne Soup
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