625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke


Entertaining with the Sopranos

Sandusky Cake
Saratoga Potatoes
Sauce for English Pudding
Sauce for Pudding
Sauce, Apple
Sauce, Bordeaux
Sauce, Bread
Sauce, Chili
Sauce, Chili (II)
Sauce, Cold
Sauce, Cranberry
Sauce, Hard
Sauce, Mint
Sauce, Pudding
Sausage, Mock
Sawyer Pudding
Scalloped Meat
Scotch Currant Buns
Scrambled Eggs
Seymour Pudding
Short Bread
Shortcake, Lemon
Shortcake, Orange
Shortcake, Strawberry
Shrub, Raspberry
Simple Susan
Smothered Beef
Snow Balls
Snow Pudding
Snow, Apple
Snow, Strawberry
Snucker Noodle
Soft Ginger Cakes
Soft Gingerbread
Soft Molasses Gingerbread
Soup a Vin
Soup Stock
Soup, Beef
Soup, Julienne
Soup, Oyster
Soup, Oyster (II)
Soup, Potato
Soup, Toast
Soup, Tomato
Spanish Cream
Spice Cake
Spiced Beef
Spiced Beef or Veal Loaf
Spiced Currants
Spiced Huckleberries
Spiced Tomatoes
Sponge Cake
Sponge Cake Pudding
Sponge Drops
Squash Biscuit
Squash Muffins
Squash Pie
Squash, Summer
Steamed Apples
Steamed Brown Bread
Steamed Pudding
Steamed Rice
Stew, Clam
Stewed Tomatoes
Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Snow
Strawberry Whips
Stuffed Corned Beef
Stuffed Eggs
Suet Pudding
Suet Pudding Sauce
Sugar Candy
Sugar Cookies
Summer Drink
Summer Squash
Sweet Currant Pickle
Sweet Grape Pickle
Sweet Green Tomato Pickle
Sweet Pickle
Sweet Pickled Pears
Taffy, Butter
Taffy, Vanilla
Tapioca Cream
Tapioca Custard
Tapioca Pudding
Tea A La Russe
Tea Biscuit
Tea, Flaxseed
Thanksgiving Cake
Thanksgiving Pudding
Tip Top Cake
To Boil Tongue
To Make Chocolate
To Warm-Over Meat
Toast Soup
Togus Loaf
Tomato Catsup
Tomato Condiment
Tomato Oysters
Tomato Soup
Tomato Soup with Rice
Tomatoes, Escaloped
Tomatoes, Raw
Tomatoes, Spiced
Tomatoes, Stewed
Tongue, To Boil
Troy Pudding
Tumbler Cake
Turkey Hash
Turkey, Dressing
Turkey, Gravy for
Vanilla Snow Cream
Vanilla Taffy
Vanilla Wafers
Veal Cutlets
Veal Loaf
Veal, Roast
Veal, Spiced
Vegetables, When in Season
Velvet Cream
Wafers, Vanilla
Walnut Cake
Walnut Cake (II)
Walnut or Butternut Maple Sugar Candy
Walnut Puffs
Washington Citron-Melon Sweetmeats
Watermelon Pickle
Wedding Cake
Welsh Rarebit
Wheat Bread
Wheat Griddle Cakes
Wheat Muffins
Wheat Rolls
When in Season
Whips, Strawberry
White Cake
White Mountain Cake
White Wine Whey
Wine Jelly
Wine Jelly (II)
Wine Whey
Yeast, Potato
Yellow Cake
Yorkshire Pudding
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